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Implications of inflammatory cell death-PANoptosis in health and disease
Hyun Bae#, Yeonseo Jang#, Rajendra Karki* & Joo-Hui Han*
Archives of Pharmacal Research
2024 Jul
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Regulated cell death (RCD) pathways, such as pyroptosis, apoptosis, and necroptosis, are essential for maintaining the body’s balance, defending against pathogens, and eliminating abnormal cells that could lead to diseases like cancer. Although these pathways operate through distinct mechanisms, recent genetic and pharmacological studies have shown that they can interact and infuence each other. The concept of “PANoptosis” has emerged, highlighting the interplay between pyroptosis, apoptosis, and necroptosis, especially during cellular responses to infections. This article provides a concise overview of PANoptosis

and its molecular mechanisms, exploring its implications in various diseases. The review focuses on the extensive interactions among diferent RCD pathways, emphasizing the role of PANoptosis in infections, cytokine storms, infammatory diseases, and cancer. Understanding PANoptosis is crucial for developing novel treatments for conditions involving infections, sterile infammations, and cancer.

# Equal contribution 

∗ Corresponding author